Product Features

iKudo is the first collaborative robot in China fully equipped with flexible manipulator and two-wheels mobile platform, which owns precise and stable operation and superior balance performance. With these functions iKudo can provide intelligent and customized services in hospitals, pension agencies and logistics. At present, iKudo has been used in high-end communities and smart parks to guide roads, deliver packages and ensure security.

Accurately Operating

7-DOF Bionic Manipulator

Flexible & Mobile

Balanced & Intelligent Mobile Platform with Two Wheels

Safely Collaborating

The World Leading Collaborative Robot


Delivering in Communities

As the demand of express increases rapidly, “the Last Mile Dilemma” is more and more intensive in China. By conducting several market researches, we found out that "the Last 100 Meters" is also a dilemma for high-end communities, which is why we invent iKudo to serve this group by automatically delivering packages. iKudo is here, and the future of community express follows.

Mobile Vending Indoors

Potential demands are centralized as people spend more and more time indoors by daylight. That is why we focus on the mobile vending service. Imagine you are hungry but not available, then you order a takeout by phone, 10 minutes later, iKudo knocks and delivers you the takeout. Isn't it awesome for the busy you?

Serving the Elders

As young generations faced with pressures from career and life, the elders are left at home, lonely and helpless, especially for those who lost their only child. iKudo is designed to provide safe, high-quality and on-call service for the elders, which we believe is a good choice to solve the critical contradiction between aging trend and shrinking working population in China.

Hotel & Hospital

iKudo can also be used in other scenarios to make the traditional services more intelligent, such as guiding and delivering in hotels, or rounding and managing medical consumables in hospitals. With the automatic guidance system, multi-DOF manipulator and AI technologies, iKudo is flexible and competent depending on specific applications.


    Body Main material PC, ABS, Aluminum alloy
       Weight 40 kg
    Moter Tire size 26 cm
         Rated power 500 W
         Maximum running speed 15 km/h
       Ultimate carrying load 30 kg
       Ultimate lifting load 1.5 kg
    Battery Battery capacity 700 Wh
       Endurance mileage 15 km
       Recharging duration 4 h
    Environment Climbing gradient 15°
         IP Classification IP54