Differing from iKUDO and YODO, MODO is invented to serve the increasing sample test demands in hospitals.

MODO has two collaborative robotic arms, which is a distinguish feature from other robots. Two arms with 14 DOF can flexiblly imitate human arm movement. When MODO touches human or obstacles by accident, it will automatically stop and re-plan its working route, which can contribute to human-machine collaboration. In addition, MODO has an advanced vision-guided assembly system with the ability to detect, identify and guide components, which can align and sort tubes in any placed position. 

Modo can provide automatic services just like human such as mixing test samples, performing quantitative injections with an accuracy of up to milligrams, which can free medical personnel to operate high-value work. With all these features above, Modo can work perfectly with medical staff and is more suitable for aseptic operation.


    Performance Repeatability ±0.02 mm
       Reach 559 mm
       Sensor distance 15m
    Moter Maximum speed 1.8 m/s
       Ultimate lifting load 0.5kg per arm
         Input power supply 24 V DC, 10 A
    Battery Battery capacity 72 Ah
       Running time 7.5 h
       Recharging duration 4 h
    Environment Climbing gradient 4.75°
       Traversable gap 15 mm
         IP classification IP20