Product Features

YUDO is the next generation of humanoid service robots for common family and office scenarios. YUDO can provide intelligent auxiliary services for other family members, such as accompanying the aged and children by performing activities like intelligent chess entertainment, remote emotional communication, home security monitoring, and so on.

In addition, YUDO can provide intelligent meeting services for modern smart parks and smart offices, as well as realize intelligent solutions such as intelligent reservations, preparations, and receptions for meetings.

Accurately Operating

7-DOF Bionic Manipulator

Cloud-edge-end Integration

Larger Storage & Faster Calculation

Safe and soft

One of the World Leading Collaborative Robots



According to a survey, current young people are facing increasing work pressure, who lack of necessary care for their parents. The problem of caring parents has even affected young generation's choice for career. Governments are actively building an old-age care system based on home care. Shanghai takes the lead in proposing "9073" pension mode, which is 90% of the elderly are living at home, 7% are living in communities, and the remaining 3% are living in pension institutions. As a good friend of the family, YUDO can provide the necessary care and keep company with the elderly and children.

Smart Campany
Emotional Comfort
Personal Housekeeper
Smart Security

        Smart Campany - YUDO can autonomously navigate itself by avoiding obstacles, autonomously charging and has long-term battery life. Together with its 7 DOF robotic arm, YUDO can accurately pick up all kinds of items, and accompany children and the elderly.

        Emotional Communication - YUDO has a powerful voice interaction. It can not only simply execute commands, but also serve as a bridge for family emotional communication, such as accompanying the elderly to play chess, broadcasting health knowledge, launching video calls with family members.

        Personal Housekeeper - As a smart home control, YUDO is comparable to human brains. It can control home appliances safely and conveniently through voice control, such as curtains, lights, TVs, speakers and so on.

        Smart Security - YUDO can remind the elderly of taking medicines every day to make their living habits healthier and safer. YUDO's powerful environmental monitoring, real-time positioning and remote operation functions can detect the traces of the elderly and children.


With voice interaction, automatic obstacle-avoided navigation and a bionic robot arm, YUDO can also help schedule conferences in office scenario,from a series of tasks such as adding conference schedules, inviting participants, preparing conference materials, signing conferences, delivering conference supplies and recording minutes. At the same time, YUDO can be integrated with central control system and signal switching system, thus improving the efficiency of the conference operation process.



    Body Main material PC, ABS, Aluminum alloy
       Weight MAX 80 kg
       Height 1.3 m ~ 1.5 m
       Occupied diameter MAX 500 mm
    Moter Rated power 500 W
         Maximum running speed 1 km/h
       Ultimate carrying load 50 kg
       Ultimate lifting load 3 kg
       Head wide-angle camera MAX 70 °
       Head roll rotation ± 120 °
       Head pitch rotation ± 30 °
       Radar scanning angle 210 ° ~ 270 °
    Bettary Endurance mileage 5 h
    Environment Climbing gradient MAX 5 °
         IP Classification IP54