Shanghai Tiger Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 2018, is an innovative company based in China, that specializes in robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. It was started by experts from a variety of technical fields, sharing the same dream of “powering a better life by intelligent mobile robots”. We have recently won an Angel Investment of $1.5 million to develop the technology and product.

We embrace deep aspirations and creativities to start up our business. We believe robotic intelligence is the trend of human life. Our passion and mission will ensure that we deliver safe, high-quality and efficient products and service to our customers – today and in the future.


Robotic Intelligence Powers a Better Life.


To empower customers with cutting-edge technologies, innovative products and intelligent services for their daily life. Friendly and customer-oriented.


Innovate, Respect, Outward-Looking, Trust.


Alex WU

Co-founder & CEO

PhD in Mechanical Engineering at University of Adelaide

Previous Director of R&D and Marketing at Fortune 500 Enterprises

Talent of Shanghai Pujiang Program

Leo HE

Co-founder & CTO

Master in Computing of A.I. at Imperial College, UK

Previous head of KUKA Robot System Integration

Thomas YANG

Co-founder & Principle Scientist

PhD in Computer Science at Shanghai JiaoTong University

Previous chief engineer of Soft Bank Robotics



Master of Science in Finance, The University of Durham, UK

Previous Financial Controller of Mitsubishi Motors and Schneider Electric Australia

Rebecca LIU


Master of Management in Human Resource, University of Glasgow, UK

Previous CMO of Shanghai Angel Investment Committee

Previous COO of Berkeley Engineering Innovation Center, Shanghai

James TAN

Chief Advisor & Principle Scientist

PhD in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Previous Solutions Strategy Manager of AI at Google Inc.